Presentations and Library Programs

We specialize in giving educational, exciting, and interactive presentations at all sorts of events and educational facilities. These are great to add to the calendar of events for libraries, schools, conventions, and community events.

Please email to inquire about bringing us as your next program

Our lectures focus on in-person interactions featuring artifacts, replicas, and physical equipment rather than an impersonal Powerpoint slideshow. 

The grand list of all presentaions!

Exciting Presentations

Usually feature a wide variety of replicas and artifacts, with the presenter dressed in historical attire, if relevant. Great for adult or teenage audiences. 

Swordsmanship Showcase presentations

Featuring one or two swordsmanship specialists to talk about one particular type of sword and edmonstrate the historical techniques and roles it played in the past. Lasts 1-1.5 hours. Great for adults, teens, or family audiences.

Swordsmanship Classes

An instructor from the Swordsmanship Museum and Academy will come to your facility or event and bring all relevant training swords. Class lasts about one hour and teaches students the fundamentals of a particular style of historical swordsmanship.

Larger Programs

- Ex. "Who Were The Vikings?"