Blades of the Civil War Encampment

Lost American Combat!

Perfect for historical reenactments or community events, our special impression swordsmanship camp fills a very important niche in the historical representation of combat in the American Civil War.
Understandably downplayed due to safety among traditional reenactments, our educators and swordsmen train and practice to handle swords, bayonets, knives, and other iconic hand-to-hand weapons of the American Civil War.
At your event, we will set up a historical encampment specifically designed to educate about the wide variety of blades active on the Civil War battlefields, and to demonstrate their trainings, techniques, and use during the war.
Ask us about bringing historical swordsmanship classes to your event (for reenactors or for the public), or about our popular Cutting Demonstrations or the Civil War Swordsmanship Combat Show.