Gaelic Warriors: Swordsmen Camp

Gaelic Warriors, featuring either Scottish Highland Warriors or Irish Shillelagh-wielding Fighters (Or both, if it suits your event), brings the truly historical Gaelic combat to your event! Email to inquire.

 Scottish Highlanders 

From the first Jacobite Rebellion to the Napoleonic Wars and beyond, our educators will set up a historical encampment to showcase the traditional and historical swordsmanship styles of the Highland Warriors. Iconic weapons like the Basket-hilt, the Dirk, and the Targe will be showcased alongside lesser known (but no less Scottish) weapons like the Turcael, the Alehouse Dagger, and the Lochaber Axe! 

 Irish Fighters 

Everyone loves the Shillelagh, but the stories of the fighters who wielded it on the Emerald Isle are less known! Bring the Irish Faction Fighters to your event to witness the whirling shillelaghs and the unique combat of Ireland as their fight against English culture to remain unique, strong, and proud!