Swordsmanship Classes

The museum offers high quality classes open to anyone in the community. The classes cover a variety of different types of swordsmanship, including historical martial arts from various cultures and eras, to modern interpretations, and even athletic classes. For information about our classes, please e-mail Academy@SwordsmanshipMuseum.org

Class info:

Many classes include optional sparring, though not all. All entry-level equipment and gear is included (except for athletic cups for male students who wish to spar)
Email Academy@SwordsmanshipMuseum.org for questions.
Age: Most classes are 16+ (Students under 18 must have parent sign waiver).("Teen Swordsmanship Club" is for ages 11-16)
  • We are adding new classes all the time! If you are interested in a combat system, technique, or weapon that you do not see, please let us know by emailing academy@swordsmanshipmuseum.org