Battlefield Champions:  

      Living Museum      

Battlefield Champions: Living Museum brings unique and magnificent reenactors to your event! 

The BC educators have a true passion for their own personal historical impression! At events, they will set up an armory area featuring replica battlefield equipment (furniture, swords, sidearms, armor, etc) that their particular warrior would have used, and will interact with the public about it throughout the day. Many different educators will each bring their own warrior's history to your event, making the BC Area into a true "Living Museum".

For example, your event might host, a Japanese Bushi from the Sengoku Jidai, an English Longbowmen from the Hundred Years War, a Medieval Knight, a Scottish Highlanders, or even very underrepresented warriors like Prussian military officers or Michigan Soldiers form the War of 1812. Each event is different and you never know which warriors will be in attendance!

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Deadliest of Warriors:
Battlefield Champions' combat show where our warriors use their culture's historical combat style against each other in a time-traveling combat show! (30 minutes)